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Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?

Hello Chewy, you can count me in after the next license renewal date.

My license expired last year when I was in the middle of sorting out the house for moving & have not had time since & now its only a few months to go I'm not spending the money on a 3 month license... lol

But once I get one I'll be out hopefully twice a month. I went down to Langwood Lodge yesterday to have a look, see what he has done to it.
Looks OK for a small lodge, approx 15' deep, decent platforms now, better than the run down state it was in before, I just hope the weeds are gone for good.

It's stocked with tiddlers still at a fiver a day, he's not keen on night fishing.
maybe in the summer the fish will have grown quite a lot & are catching more.

And for me it's a 5 minute walk

I'll try my hand at most types of fishing except the pole as I dont have one yet (still looking for a good cheap un though).

I'd like to try my luck in some of the valley ponds, I used to fish Lowerhouse lodge and the new riverside farm lakes in Burnley (forget name) and dont want to go back there again (I hate Burnley).

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