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Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?

Hi Mack and Matty

Never tried flyfishing as yet, maybe get a cheap setup later in the year.
wouldn't mind giving the 2nd Res at Grane a try sometime, they do day tickets now.

Langwood is only 5mins from me too Matty.
The guy that used to have it never bothered to collect the money, used to stand at fence and wave
Glad the platforms have been sorted.
i used the ones on the same side as the farm, and could feel them move and bend underneath you
had some good Tench out of there. this was taken on a phone

Have you tried the lodge just off the old railway line at the back of Birtwistles (between the caravan park and the old Snow Kings place, on the old Bleach Works site)?
That place is free fishing,and a good day out.
You can night fish there (had a 3dayer there last summer )
Rumours have it that there is a catfish or two in it, and a big carp. Also big Roach and Perch.
You never know what is on the end whenyouget a bite,could be Roach, Perch, Rudd ,Golden Rudd, Chub, Crucian Carp, Tench, Bream, Catfish or Carp.
It's a lot better now the caravan park has gone, didn't feel that safe with all my gear (i do take everything on a trolley) in the dark and alone.

i don't go out that much in this weather, but will be out twice a week in the spring onwards.

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