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Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?

Thanks Guys for the info

i've not used a boilie yet in all my fishing years.
i prefer worm, maggot, meat and bread (done quite well on these).

i'm sure i saw 2 carp near the surface just circling about.
i was on the main road at the time, at the gate with new sign on, so must be a good 3-4lb plus.

i remember now about keepnets.. it was nothing over 2lb to be put in them.

Shame the last owners closed at March until June.
Not many ponds do this now, just rivers.
i still have the 6 club ponds to go to, and the free one at Grane i mentioned before.

i'm treating myself to a new rod or 3,ready for the warmer weather.
just got all the seatbox sorted with attachments and tables etc.

i used to play at the lodge as a child,i lived at Lockgate Farm next to it in the 70s.
The now converted barn was my playhouse,
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