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Re: Nick Westwell

Originally Posted by cawlterrace View Post
If you are not from the cricketing circles you may have seen this name in the Free Press this weekend, in the sports section. The article is well worth reading. For those of you who do not know, Nick Westwell he has been instrumental in pushing forward junior cricket throughout all the valley schools. ( I think I am right in saying only BRGS have declined to participate, apologies if this is incorrect )
As a result we have one of the strongest boys teams in the whole of Lancashire and the girls side is coming on leaps and bounds with 5 girls now playing for Lancashire. The fact that the Lancashire Cricket Board has pulled the funding for Nick with such a massive track record is astonishing. I hope that support for Nick can be generated and we can, in our small way on this site, put out a statement that Nick has been an outstanding asset to our community. To all parents of years 3 to 11 ask your kids if they know Nick and the answer will be YES.
There is too much to lose here. Kids getting involved in sport regardless of gender, abilty/disability, race or creed. Nick has encompassed it all. Lets stand up and fight for this chap.

I cant agree with you more, Nick works at the school were I work at he does a great job working with kids of all abality levels including wheelchair bound.
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