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SaW Gaming Community

We have been going 15 years and now have 7 Dedicated Servers, and play over 20 games. We currently have a membership list with over 300 on it. They are regular players too.

We all meet up in a Teamspeak and have fun playing all sorts of online games.

Games Inc.
Arma 3
Altis Life
BF 3/4
CoD Advanced Warfare
Justcause 2

I would like to say that a long time ago when i first moved to the area, some of the guys on this forum, helped me a lot with advice. I had been made redundant and was desperate to work again.

They helped with advice and now i am back in work and have been for 4 years. Working in my old line of work as CAD manager for a Mechanical and Electrical Design company. I also work as the IT Manager.

Thanks again guys.
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