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Garden waste collection 2018

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The council have voted to start charging for the collection of your brown bin .. in otherwords the grass cuttings, the garden stuff .... from march 2018. theyre going to charge 35 for the year (roundabout 18 collections over the year) they only collect between 1st march and 30th November.

The garden waste collection is not a statutory collection .. in otherwords they don't need to pick it up ... only the plastic and the paper one is.

The garden waste collection service is a non-statutory provision. Councils are obligated to provide a refuse collection service and the collection of a minimum of two recycling streams [e.g. paper, glass, cardboard, etc.]; the council exceeds the requirement with the current provision. Collection of organic waste, such as garden waste, is a non-statutory service for which councils can levy a collection charge should they choose to provide a service.

i'll be paying it .. I don't drive so cant take it up to the tip myself id have to depend on family or friends picking it up and taking it. Think its worth the 2 for them picking it up ... saves on petrol and the wear and tear on the car having to go to the tip.

its the 4th October 2017 meeting and minutes with and the kerbside report.
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