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Re: What are people up to right now

Originally Posted by Matty View Post
And it has been replaced...
The AA paid out within a week, Then MrsMatty helped me find a nice Skoda Fabia estate that I collect Thursday.
I was shook up, new trousers time, but walked out of it - maybe ill take up religion? lol

Anyhow, now I have space for the dogs in the back - Pheobe says thats gotta be worth a little bump

have you had inaugural bump yet Matty?
we've had the longest day
and according to the weather forecast
the first day of summer
we are now on the countdown
to the shortest day
the days will be getting shorter
the nights be getting longer
but first of all
can we have summer first
the heatwave
the blue skies, the sun beaming

I tried .......
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