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stoo666 03-07-14 12:08

Thought I'd start this so folks can post anything they like with no restrictions if its off or on thread.
So lets see some more contributors

Laurieloo 03-07-14 15:24

Re: Cornucopia
Great idea Stoo :thumbs:
Can't think of a thing to say just now though !
Think we have all got out of the habit recently
But pretty certain I will soon be back on form - with mindless , senseless & totally illogical ramblings.
It will be great to have a thread that I don't have to attempt to allocate my rambles to :thanks:

stoo666 03-07-14 15:39

Re: Cornucopia
Miss your thoughts on BMW drivers.

Laurieloo 04-07-14 09:20

Re: Cornucopia
Absolutely no idea what you mean there Stoo.
Why on earth would you think I have an aversion to Born Moderately Wealthy drivers ?
Or could it be they are the Best Motorcycles Worldwide ??

Laurieloo 04-07-14 16:10

Re: Cornucopia
Just heard Procol Harum , Whiter Shade Of Pale on the radio; sang along full pelt (as you do when alone!).
Ok. Know it word perfect & would class it as musical genius.. But can anyone enlighten me to what on earth is it about. :scratch_head:
Totally mystified...

stoo666 04-07-14 16:31

Re: Cornucopia
This area is going mad re cyclists and the tour of yorkshire. The whole thing is going to inconvenience 1000's of peoples. Luckily we are not near enough to affect us, otherwise I would be out with all the tacks I could afford the night before.
I detest cyclists at the best of times and this tour rubbish is like waving several red flags to a bull.
People parking their cars outside their houses are threatened with having them towed away. Kirklees had to back down though when a disabled man pointed out he would be trapped in his house for 2 days. Roads are closed not even on the route I cannot see the attraction of watching some sweaty lycra clad men riding a bike. Ok rant over had a day driving around and lots of traffic to annoy me,

stoo666 04-07-14 17:51

Re: Cornucopia
Or could it be they are the Best Motorcycles Worldwide ??[/quote]
Could be Bavarian Mincer Works, Black Mans Willie?

Laurieloo 07-07-14 08:36

Re: Cornucopia
Using my personal weather forecaster I am predicting a stretch of warm weather for the next 4-6 weeks :thumbs:
.. George my turbo testosterone powered tortoise is erm , very active. I have a cacophony of knocking shells and grunting sounds echoing around my house. He has been separated from his ladies and is now continuing his activities with a Cornish pebble
( resisting any sexist comment on male behaviours )
Past experience is generally that he perks up when the weather is set for ideal breeding conditions. . But given he cannot currently distinguish between female torts & a rock ; I may be crediting him with a little more intelligence than he actually possesses

Laurieloo 07-07-14 09:11

Re: Cornucopia
BMW ...

Originally Posted by stoo666 (Post 302315)
Could be Bavarian Mincer Works, Black Mans Willie?

It is officially Bayerische Motoren Werke ( Google kindly obliged me with that one)

- We were never allowed to tell my aunt that though. She was fiercely patriotic, once taking a cardigan back to British Home Stores when she discovered the label disclosed the item was not actually made in Britain... My uncle then went on to purchase a BMW & informed her it stood for Bristol Motor Works; she never doubted his deception but would inform everyone of her annoyance that British car manufacturers had to put Achtung yellow warning labels on the inside of the doors since we joined the common market ..

stoo666 07-07-14 10:48

Re: Cornucopia
At last the madness of the tour of tyke land is over. I hate cyclists so this idiotic carnival has been like waving several red flags in front of an angry bull.
A former girlfriends father was a POW of the Japs in WW11 he would not have anything Jap in the house or buy anything from them. It was his first hand experience that made him so. One cannot blame him they were evil especially to the Chinese when they invade China,murdering 1000's men women and children.
Me?Tend not to buy French products

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