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Lee 28-11-08 15:12

Shopping Online Links
Rossendale Online have partnered with a wide range of high street and online retailers, for which we receive a small commission on sales.

The commission will help to ensure Rossendale Online grows and help pay for the increasing hosting costs, as well as continue to support local causes.

The partners are listed below and it won't cost you anymore by using these links, if anything it'll save you money with our exclusive offers and discount codes.

Please bookmark this page and use our special partner links whenever you shop online.
Thanks for your support (and Photokid for mentioning it.). :thanks:

Please remember to use the links above, so that the retailers know who to attribute the commission to.

Ps. If an online shop is missing, please let me know and I'll add it to the list. :thumbs:

Thanks again for your support - it's much appreciated. :thanks:

PhotoKid 28-11-08 15:15

Re: Shopping Online Links
Ive been waiting about 8 - 9 months for this list :suprise:

Shame you put it up once im a bit skint :rofl:

Really though its one of the best ways for everyone to support R-O, Like lee said it doesnt cost a penny extra, but he gets a few pennys for pointing us in the shops direction, going towards running costs of this place, carnt be bad :D

Lee 28-11-08 15:22

Re: Shopping Online Links
I forgot then remembered again and then forgot. :bonk:

Finally got round to doing it and thanks for the support. :thumbs:

PhotoKid 28-11-08 15:25

Re: Shopping Online Links
I clicked 'woolworths' and got;


Our site is currently undergoing some essential maintenance.
We apologise for any inconvenience and promise to return as soon as we can.
In the meantime why not visit one of our partner sites.
Have I missed something :suspect::D

Lee 28-11-08 15:32

Re: Shopping Online Links
Woolworths has been up and down all day. What with the recent speculation, I imagine they're either busy sorting it or preparing for a massive sale.

(It's back up now)

jacquiD 28-11-08 16:39

Re: Shopping Online Links
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

duncan is going to get a :spank: tonight :p


3dj 28-11-08 16:50

Re: Shopping Online Links
cheers lee. gonna get my head kicked in tonight. so iv,e just been informed :D

jacquiD 28-11-08 16:52

Re: Shopping Online Links
lee is going to get a :spank: too .:rofl:

bookmarked it all the same :thumbs: :o :rofl:

spooks 28-11-08 17:22

Re: Shopping Online Links
You got your whip delivered then jacqui? :spank: :p :notworthy:

JohnnyX 28-11-08 17:44

Re: Shopping Online Links
Thanks for those Lee.

A brilliant way to support Rossendale Online. :notworthy:

I'll be using 2 of those this weekend. :thumbs:

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