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CHEWY49 12-01-08 19:57

Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Just wondered if any of you lot like to wet a line, from time to time?

Where do you go?
What do you target?
Are you in a Club?

i've been fishing since i was 12 (in my 26th year at it now).
I am a member of "Lumb Valley Anglers & Rossendale Rivers Preservation Society"
i like to fish for Carp at Jack Lodge, Trout on the Irwell, Tench at Isle of Man Lodge and Langwood Lodge, and Crucian Carp at Grane Lodge.

maybe a Rossendale Online Match sometime ? :D

Langwood Lodge (next to "All Saints RC High School) has just been taken over, Site for the lodge can be found at


Mack 13-01-08 07:45

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Fishing is not my bag but I always see a load of fly fishermen at Entwistle Reservoir in Edgworth. I also think there is a purpose built and well stocked fishing lodge place in Littleborough with a host of other facilities.

Matty 13-01-08 12:44

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Hello Chewy, you can count me in after the next license renewal date.

My license expired last year when I was in the middle of sorting out the house for moving & have not had time since & now its only a few months to go I'm not spending the money on a 3 month license... lol

But once I get one I'll be out hopefully twice a month. I went down to Langwood Lodge yesterday to have a look, see what he has done to it.
Looks OK for a small lodge, approx 15' deep, decent platforms now, better than the run down state it was in before, I just hope the weeds are gone for good.

It's stocked with tiddlers still at a fiver a day, he's not keen on night fishing.
maybe in the summer the fish will have grown quite a lot & are catching more.

And for me it's a 5 minute walk :D

I'll try my hand at most types of fishing except the pole as I dont have one yet (still looking for a good cheap un though).

I'd like to try my luck in some of the valley ponds, I used to fish Lowerhouse lodge and the new riverside farm lakes in Burnley (forget name) and dont want to go back there again (I hate Burnley).


CHEWY49 13-01-08 13:22

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Hi Mack and Matty :)

Never tried flyfishing as yet, maybe get a cheap setup later in the year.
wouldn't mind giving the 2nd Res at Grane a try sometime, they do day tickets now.

Langwood is only 5mins from me too Matty.
The guy that used to have it never bothered to collect the money, used to stand at fence and wave :D
Glad the platforms have been sorted.
i used the ones on the same side as the farm, and could feel them move and bend underneath you :mad:
had some good Tench out of there. this was taken on a phone

Have you tried the lodge just off the old railway line at the back of Birtwistles (between the caravan park and the old Snow Kings place, on the old Bleach Works site)?
That place is free fishing,and a good day out.
You can night fish there (had a 3dayer there last summer :D )
Rumours have it that there is a catfish or two in it, and a big carp. Also big Roach and Perch.
You never know what is on the end whenyouget a bite,could be Roach, Perch, Rudd ,Golden Rudd, Chub, Crucian Carp, Tench, Bream, Catfish or Carp.
It's a lot better now the caravan park has gone, didn't feel that safe with all my gear (i do take everything on a trolley) in the dark and alone.

i don't go out that much in this weather, but will be out twice a week in the spring onwards. :thumbs:

Chewy :)

Time-Out 13-01-08 17:41

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
HI Chewy
I used to fish the langwood pond regularly in the mid to late 90's I had many good days & evenings, Oh and early mornings down there, The lodge was netted by the previous owner (Michael) around 1998/99 most of the BIG roach & perch were removed from the lodge and re-stocked with a 1,000 small (4" - 6") fish, Which consisted of 333 Bream, 333 Crucian Carp, 333 Tench, I had a walk down at the back end of 2006 and a lad who was fishing was catching the tench wich were around the 2 - 3lbs size, So a good days fishing to be had now....

CHEWY49 13-01-08 19:42

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Hi T-O :)

i shall give it a try again sometime this year.
seen on the Langwood site that season tickets are available soon.
be cheaper than keep paying 5 a time.

i'll send a mail in a min,and see when season tickets are to be started.

i see that 2rods can be used now. Mick only let you use one, but could have another set up ready.
wonder if keepnets are allowed :confused:

Matty 13-01-08 20:20

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
I havn't fished anwhere in the valley for 20 years lol.

The guy at Langwood is a newby as far as fishing goes, goe doesnt know a lot about it according to the chat I had with him.

So he may need a bit of help knowing whats what, like maybe he shouldnt allow boilies until the fish are bigger etc.


Time-Out 13-01-08 21:31

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?

Keepnets were always allowed by both previous owners (Michael & Peter)

From memory season tickets used to be £25.00, Although i would have to check in my tackle box to confirm (if required)

One thing to ask the current owner is, Will he be closing the lodge for close season 15th March - 15th June as both previous owners used to close it when i was fishing it, Used to get a little anoying missing all them perfect fishing days especially during May & June...

Although the current owner is allowing the use of 2 rods, Personally if you use the correct tackle especially during the summer months 1 rod should be more than adequate down there....

Pole fishing proved to be VERY prolific

Time-Out 13-01-08 22:09

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Hi Matty

When i fished @ langwood both previous owners (Micheal & Peter) did not allow Ground Bait to be used at all... And if i was the current owner i would also apply the same rule, As too much loose offerings by over enthusiastic anglars that go uneaten by the fish in such a small lodge will only cause stress to the fish & stagnate the water...

The lodge has a relatively poor flow of fresh water, Evan more so during the summer months....

For the use of boliies, Unless someone has put some mirror carp etc into the lodge I dont think there would be the need for boliies....

CHEWY49 14-01-08 02:32

Re: Any Rossendale Anglers use here?
Thanks Guys for the info :)

i've not used a boilie yet in all my fishing years.
i prefer worm, maggot, meat and bread (done quite well on these).

i'm sure i saw 2 carp near the surface just circling about.
i was on the main road at the time, at the gate with new sign on, so must be a good 3-4lb plus.

i remember now about keepnets.. it was nothing over 2lb to be put in them.

Shame the last owners closed at March until June.
Not many ponds do this now, just rivers.
i still have the 6 club ponds to go to, and the free one at Grane i mentioned before.

i'm treating myself to a new rod or 3,ready for the warmer weather.
just got all the seatbox sorted with attachments and tables etc.

i used to play at the lodge as a child,i lived at Lockgate Farm next to it in the 70s.
The now converted barn was my playhouse, :D

The time in Rossendale is 09:37.

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