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spooks 13-10-17 17:22

Garden waste collection 2018
The council have voted to start charging for the collection of your brown bin .. in otherwords the grass cuttings, the garden stuff .... from march 2018. theyre going to charge 35 for the year (roundabout 18 collections over the year) they only collect between 1st march and 30th November.

The garden waste collection is not a statutory collection .. in otherwords they don't need to pick it up ... only the plastic and the paper one is.

The garden waste collection service is a non-statutory provision. Councils are obligated to provide a refuse collection service and the collection of a minimum of two recycling streams [e.g. paper, glass, cardboard, etc.]; the council exceeds the requirement with the current provision. Collection of organic waste, such as garden waste, is a non-statutory service for which councils can levy a collection charge should they choose to provide a service.

i'll be paying it .. I don't drive so cant take it up to the tip myself id have to depend on family or friends picking it up and taking it. Think its worth the 2 for them picking it up ... saves on petrol and the wear and tear on the car having to go to the tip.

its the 4th October 2017 meeting and minutes with and the kerbside report.

Matty 13-10-17 18:44

Re: Garden waste collection 2018
I'll find the brown bin useful for storing bags of other rubbish that wont fit into the green bin coz of the fortnightly collection.

spooks 04-12-17 12:05

Re: Garden waste collection 2018
the council will be sending out details with the annual waste collection calendar in the next couple of weeks ...

Changes announced to garden waste collection scheme - Rossendale Council News

Rossendale Borough Council is introducing changes to the garden waste collection service.

From March 2018 the fortnightly service will be provided on a subscription basis and will be charged at 35.

The move is the result of cuts introduced by central government and the decision by Lancashire County Council to reduce its support for recycling services by more than 500,000.

Rossendale Borough Council had been one of the last councils in Lancashire to provide a free garden waste collection service.

However, garden waste collection is non-statutory service and costs the Council 130,000 a year with extra resources having to be put into it at times to maintain the service.

Therefore in order to continue the provide garden collection a cross party working group has agreed that a charge will need to be introduced.

Over the next couple of weeks the annual waste collection calendar and a leaflet will be delivered throughout the borough, which explains the changes and details of how residents can subscribe to the service.

The service includes a reduced charge of 30 for additional bins and charities and communities groups are exempt.

Households are also able to share bins or find alternative ways to dispose of garden waste by composting.

The charges will cover a nine-month period from March 2018 to November 2018.

Councillor Jackie Oakes, Portfolio Holder for Operations, said:

We recognise that the garden waste collection is a service that is valued by our residents however, with the ongoing cuts to our budget it is one we can no longer provide for free. We have resisted introducing these charges however, regrettably we are now in a position where this is a decision we have to take.

Items that can be put into the garden waste bin include:
◾Grass cuttings
◾Hedge clippings
◾Twigs and small branches
◾Fallen fruit and windfalls
◾Flowers and plants

Items that cannot include:
◾Soil or turf
◾Stone or rubble
◾Large branches/tree trunks
◾Christmas Trees
◾Pet/aminal waste
◾Kitchen food/waste
◾Tubs/pots/plastic bags
◾Any household waste

To sign up for the scheme visit or phone 01706 217777 Option 3.

The time in Rossendale is 08:57.

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