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Rossendale Online 17-10-06 13:33

'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
Residents want urgent repairs to a bridge amid fears that it is in danger of collapse.

Borough bosses say the bridge at The Glen, near Waterfoot, is privately owned and therefore not their responsibility.
But residents believe the bridge, which partially collapsed six years ago when a car parked on a weak spot, poses a serious risk to motorists.

Stuart Corless, of Glen Terrace, Waterfoot, fears a heavy downpour could cause the bridge, which takes cars and pedestrians over the River Irwell, to fall down.

Mr Corless, 61, a widower and self-employed joiner, said: "It's got really bad in recent weeks but nobody will take responsibility for it. The service cables have been exposed which is dangerous.
"All it will take is a heavy downpour and the whole lot could fall down."

Gavaad Ahmed, 49, who owns Elegant Shoes in Bacup Road, and uses a building opposite the bridge for storage, said: "I sent an email to Lancashire County Council and Rossendale Council about five weeks ago but haven't had any response, which I find appalling.

"The bridge isn't far from collapse and one day a car going over is going to end up in the river. The residents will be stranded in their homes because they use the bridge to get to their properties.

"The council say it is privately owned and can't trace the owner but they have a duty of care to the residents and its users."

A spokesman for Rossendale Council said: "It's a matter for the county as they are the highways authority for Rossendale."
But a county spokesman said: "Maintenance of Glen Terrace Culvert is not the responsibility of the county council as it is a privately owned structure on private land. We have installed barriers to prevent pedestrians walking on the unsafe part."

Source: Lancashire Evening Telegraph

DaveZoom 17-10-06 16:55

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
Sounds like a typical case of 'pass the buck' again to me, Nobody wants to fund the job. I bet if it was outside a councillers house it would get prompt attention. Could the HSE not get involved in this?


Cheekyboots 18-10-06 16:56

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
This has been going on for so long, Rossendale council should hang their heads in shame, will it take an injury or worse for something to be done? Have the residents involved gone as far as taking it to a tv or radio station? Sometimes it takes a bit of pressure of this sort for any kind of action to be taken by councils.

Laurieloo 08-04-15 09:05

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
:notworthy: Hallelujah :notworthy:

Work to repair Burnley's crumbling Centenary Way flyover is finally due to start (From Lancashire Telegraph)

".... 80,000 will be spent on renewing the Glen Terrace culvert, near Waterfoot."

Matty 08-04-15 09:25

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
Err... methinks you have the wrong link - thats a flyover in Brunlea.

Well - I did think that until I saw the very last line on that page.....

wadey 10-04-15 12:27

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
'Dangerous' 112-year-old holes in Waterfoot to be repaired (From Lancashire Telegraph)

frankie t 10-04-15 16:56

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
Well about time.

Matty 10-04-15 17:51

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
But why?
After all this time who would want to cross it?
What's on the other side that's worth getting to?

(Asking coz I don't know - not coz I dont care :) )

Edit: After looking - they have access - IMO just demolish it and make the area nicer.

wadey 12-04-15 14:58

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse
There's a row of houses and what was once a pub, it's private property and there has been an argy bargy for over 100 years as to who is picking up the bill (us)

wadey 12-04-15 14:59

Re: 'Glen Bridge' in danger of collapse

for Matty

The time in Rossendale is 09:35.

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