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How to post on Freecycle.
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Exclamation How to post on Freecycle.

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Here is a guide to how to post on a Freecycle group.

(Sounds long & complicated - but its really simple - honest )

When posting to a Freecycle group you need to format the subject line of your email so that it meets certain criteria for several reasons (explained later).

(The subject line, is that little long box the top of your email, just after you have put the email address in).

All Freecycle groups follow the simple subject line format of:

"KEYWORD: Description (Location)".

Keywords should be in capitals, followed by a colon ":"

The description should be only a few words to simply describe the item.
(you can say a lot more in the body of the message itself)

The location should be either your home location or if an offer, where the item is located if not at home.
it should NOT be your post code, but the name of the area you live in. it helps to identify it to put it in brackets.

Suppose you want to offer your old wardrobe & you live in Bacup?

Your subject line would be:
OFFER: Double wardrobe (Bacup)

In the body of the message you might say something like:

Hi, I have an old IKEA beech coloured double wardrobe that we no longer need.
it has been screwed and glued together well so you will need a big car or a van
plus 2 people to move it.
You will need to collect it from near Bacup market.


Suppose that you are looking for a ladder & you live in Rawtenstall, your subject line would be:

WANTED: long ladders (Rawtenstall)

In the body of the message you might say something like:

Hello, I am in need of a pair of ladders that will reach upto my chimney as I need to repoint it & wondered if anyone had any that they no longer use.
I can collect, thank you.

If someone asks for your old wardrobe and they take it, to let everyone else know that it has gone & effectivly cancel out the offer you would post:
Subject line =
TAKEN: Wardrobe. (note - you do not need your location on this post).

In the body of the post, please let us know who took it by their email address/Yaho profile name.
I.E. The wardrobe has gone now, I hope makes good use of it.

ONLY the person who made the offer should post the taken message, NOT the person who took it.
Putting the email there lets the group mods spot people hovering up items from the groups.

IF it is agreed that itis going to be taken by someone but not for a while & your getting many more requests for it you can post TAKEN: STC (to mean "Subject To Collection).

When looking back through the listing of offers, before contacting someone please do a quick search on their name to see if they have already posted a TAKEN.

Suppose that you have been given the item that you posted a WANTED for you would make a post with a subject line of:

RECEIVED: long ladders

With the body of the email to read something like:
Thank you to xxxx for the ladders.
(although you can send a more personal email of thanks privately)


Do not put your telephone number, do you really want your private number shared between 1000+ complete strangers?

Do not put your complete post code or address in the post, who knows they may note this & on later posts when you way your not in... they soon will be.

Do not put a sob story in a wanted post, people try and put the best sob story in posts to try and compete with others, very soon people see so many that they no longer believe them. If you want something just say what you want, you do not have to justify why you want it.

Do not repeatedly email someone asking for an item & pestering them this is likely to NOT get you the item & blacklisted by them as it is very annoying.

Do not email someone who has made an offer giving them your mobile phone number, do you rally expect someone that is giving something away to also pay mobile charges too? you want it, you make the calls unless they ask for it.

Do not put your post code for your location, please use the name of the area you are in.


Why this particular subject line format? why can't I just say "I want some ladders" ??

Because Freecycle group usage generally means a high volume of emails, many people prefer to use email filters to sort them out, as such the keyword is used to let people know if someone is giving or wanting.

The description is used to give a simple indication of what the item is without people having to actually open the email.

The location helps people to make the decision if they are willing to travel so far to collect or if they want to offer it to someone from so far away.
It also helps the group moderators know where you are & if you are posting in the correct group as Freecycle is all about trying to keep things local.

The group moderators are all volunteers and do not have the time

If you have a problem following the subject line format then yo may be better if you use the message maker web page that will help you format your posts.
For the Rossendale group it can be found here.

If you still cannot understand this or have further difficulties then please contact the group moderators & let us know, we will not hold it against you but will be able to know that we need to spend time & help you. Alternative you can ask about this by clicking on the "New Post" button at the top of the page & creating forum post.
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