Advice About Wardrobes

Gone are the days when a robust and steel cupboard of grey or brown colour used to be in each and every Indian bedroom meeting all the storage needs. In the contemporary times, fitted wardrobes not only store your clothes, but they are an inseparable part of the entire furnishing scheme where each and every piece comes together to give a new definition to your home. Therefore, it is necessary for you to opt for the wardrobes made of high quality blockboard that not only look chic but also provide a hefty storage capacity for your belongings.

A few important things you need to know before buying your wardrobe are:


  • Height x Width (Co-related to price)
  • Depth (18 inches/24 inches) – stay aware what is being offered to you

Types of Door:

  • Full panel that is easy to make and at the same time cost effective.
  • Full panel having external drawers for more space and units.
  • Sliding door that gives rich and elegant looks but requires a lot of paraphernalia and hardware mechanism.

Types of Material: Blockboards

When it comes to the material to be used, utilizing the Block board for bespoke wardrobes is simply the most practical and pragmatic choice. Some blockboards are well-known for their exceptional durability, quality and strength. They are double pressed making use of the finest quality fillers available worldwide.

Each and every timber in blockboards is kiln-dried. Having a very high vertical load-bearing capacity, block boards are considered to be perfectly suitable for vertical applications, such as partition walls, cupboards, doors, panels and sliding wardrobes. Blockboards are chemically treated to have dogged resistance against termites and borers.

The high quality blockboards presently available in the contemporary market are well-seasoned making use of the best resin. This unique and exclusive procedure makes sure that all blockboards can come out as power-packed, dimensionally stable, exemplarily durable, extra smooth on surface and undauntedly resistant to termite and borer attacks.

Presently, the range of blockboards supplied by the leading block board manufacturers in India, is available in 16, 19, 25 and 30 mm sizes, and this entire range confirms to IS 1659. Needless to say, India has become a blockboard paradise remaining ahead of all Asian countries in the region, and catering to the engineered wood related needs of the customers both within the country and abroad as well.

‘Duro’ is one such brand that has been around for more than past 6 decades while standing firm on its uncompromising quality parameters. Such a formidable reputation can be earned only from the unwavering trust of the customers in the product range that dominates the plywood market. One can opt for the blockboard of this wardrobe brand without any second thought